13th December 2019


Proposed New Club Rules

Dear Members,

The board is pleased to forward to you the proposed new draft Constitution named December Maroochy River Golf Club Constitution for your review, comment and input.

A full list of all changes called the Additions Deletions Document is also provided (click below links to access these documents).

Additions & Deletions for Members Approval 11.12.19

December Maroochy River Golf Club Constitution 191025 Draft

This is the Constitution that the Golf Australia approved consultants, CPR Group, have continued to work on for our Club with the active participation of the current Governance Committee and Board.

This proposed Draft Constitution and the Additions Deletions Document will be provided on the Club Website, the noticeboard and at reception.   Members can request a copy to be printed off for them at reception.

You are invited to address any questions to the following committee members prior to Monday 13th January 2020.  Your input is sought and is most welcome.

Lindel Forsyth:    lforsyth51@hotmail.com

Steve Jonkman:   erica46@bigpond.com

It is recognized that the Xmas holiday season is upon us, and it is intended to allow sufficient time for your consideration before the Information Sessions are convened in late January at dates to be advised.  

Once the Board has given their final approval to any requested changes at the 27th Feb board meeting, the proposed draft Constitution will be put to you, the members, for your approval by special resolution at an SGM on a date to be advised.  

We look forward to your valued input and contribution.